1. Where do you get your rope from?

I get my natural cotton rope from ropeshop.ca, and specialty rope from Macrame by JM and Ganxxet! Amazon has great options for beginners not looking to spend too much and to find smaller spools for single projects.

2. Where can I buy your items in store?

Currently my items are only available in stores in Southwestern Ontario. You can find my items at Your Local Girl Gang (Sarnia), River Bank and Co. (Sarnia), Grow and Bloom Co. (London), Lake Life Studio (Camlachie) and Studio 651 (Wyoming). Plant hangers are also carried at at Paulina's Flower Shop (Sarnia).

3. How long does it take you to create a piece?

It varies so much, and often I don't even know. It could be 3 hours or 30 hours. I only usually track my hours for the big pieces to make sure I am pricing accurately, the smaller pieces I generally just do one after the other while watching Netflix and don't really pay attention.

4. How do you edit your instagram photos/theme your Instagram?

Check out my blog post "My Favourite Apps For Instagram" for what apps and filters I use!

5. I saw this wall hanging on Instagram/ Pinterest, can you make it for me?

won't copy another artists design, however I can make you a custom wall hanging that is a similar style and incorporates the design elements you like!

6. How did you get started in macrame?

I saw a picture online of a macrame wall hanging and loved it! I knew some of the knots from making bracelets as a kid and decided to give it a go, I was hooked ever since. My business started because I posted a picture of my creation on my personal instagram and a friend asked to buy it, I kept getting more requests and decided to make a business after that!

7. I want a giant wall hanging but I only have a $50 budget

Just not possible, sorry! But talk to me and we can figure a out design that fits your budget :)

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