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10 things I’ve learned from my first year in business

1. Create what you want to create - it’s okay to say “no“ to projects that don’t fulfill you

2. With that being said sometimes you need to say “yes” and get that extra cash

3. TRACK EVERYTHING - trust me, I learnt the hard way. Keep your receipts, make a spread sheet, do whatever works for you ... just track it all!

4. You’re most likely going to want to quit at some point ... don’t. Take a break, try new things, and come back to it (more about this in my previous blog post “Avoiding the burn out”)

5. Comparing yourself to people is poison. You do you and don‘t worry about how many followers or likes this other person has. In the end it will just get you down about what you think you’re lacking instead of focusing on what you’ve actually gained

6. It’s okay for your business to grow and evolve as you do. Just because you started out a certain way does not mean you need to be married to that idea for the rest of your life. We evolve, your business can to

7. Know your worth and stick up for it. Not everyone will understand the amount of time, materials, research, work, skill, etc. that goes into handmade pieces - that doesn’t mean your work is not worth it. If someone complains it’s too expensive let them go to walmart and be on their way, you do not need to lower your value to please them. The right customer will come along.

8. Be involved in the community, whether its local or online. Having a presence will not only help your business but will help you create positive relationships with likeminded people who you can turn to for support, advice, inspiration, and whatever else (just make sure you are also giving that same support back- don’t be greedy).

9. Get a planner!! Make daily schedules, task lists, keep track of what orders you have, etc

10. Create how YOU create, not how someone else does. Of course it’s awesome to get inspired by someone else’s work but make sure you are finding your own style and not copying someone else’s because they have success in that. Some of the most successful makers are the ones who took chances and created something that was so authentically them and no one else. Don’t be afraid to do that! You will feel better about it and it will show through your art.

Until next time

xo, Liv

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