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Avoiding the Burn Out

About a month ago I was so overwhelmed with everything going on in my life from work (before I decided to go back to nannying) and volunteering too much of my time to our community theatre that by the time I got home, or had a little free time to myself, there was nothing left in me to give to The Olive Branch. I also had been feeling uninspired and my instagram feed was looking rough. It wasn't fun for me anymore, I was just posting on instagram because I felt obligated to and not because I wanted to. I didn't like the photos I was posting and was struggling with taking photos in my new apartment. I then posted that I was taking a break from The Olive Branch. Honestly, during that time I almost quit altogether. I felt like it wasn't going anywhere and my heart just wasn't in it anymore.

I didn't quit though.

I took a few weeks off and once I had some time to rest I was ready to come back better than ever. As entrepreneurs I think we forget to take vacations or time off. In a "real job" you have weekends, vacation time, sick days... when you work for yourself, from home those don't always happen. During the weekends I'm always creating, I take supplies with me on vacations so I can make things and not fall behind, and when I'm home sick I'm plopped on the couch with my rolling rack and cotton rope knotting away. Even if I'm not making something I'm on my phone editing photos, posting to instagram, replying to comments, updating stories, sending emails, the list goes on.

Burn out is real!

Take the time for yourself if you need it. Turn off your instagram for a day, or decide to not make anything on Sundays, or take a whole weekend off from not creating if you can. If you find that you aren't enjoying what you are doing and you don't feel that passion any more, chances are it's still there, you just need a break! Remember how you felt in the beginning of your business, when it was exciting and new, and go back to that.

Here is my list of things you can do to refresh your business, avoid the burnout, and find the passion again:

-Refresh your instagram feed, change up the way your editing your photos and follow a new theme (more on this in another blog post to come!)

-Create something new for your business, for me it was earrings, but it could be anything!

-Get involved in pop-up shops and events! Sometimes you just need to get out of your house and actually see the people who are interested in your work to remember why you do this.

-Take breaks!! Even if it's just one day a week for yourself, you aren't a robot, take a break.

-Find another "just for fun" creative outlet, after all creating is supposed to be fun! But when you have a mile long list of orders, on top of the pop-up shops to prepare for, it can turn more into "just get this shit done" than a leisurely day of creating and being artistic. In which case it can be helpful to have something else that will fulfil your creative needs when you just can't look at another spool of rope anymore (or whatever it is you work with). For me I like to draw or paint, but it could be anything! I also find that turning to this distraction helps when I'm having a mental block and the creative juices just aren't flowing.

xo, Liv

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