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My Favourite Apps for Instagram

Going to try and keep this one short and sweet and just get down to the nitty gritty, before we start though just going to mention that I take and edit all of my photos on my iPhone X. Previously, I used an iPhone 6s (up until a week and a half ago when I upgraded) ... so yes, you can take your business photos with your iPhone if you don't have a professional camera.

Now that that's out of the way here are my top apps I like to use with instagram! From editing, to filters, to just things that make taking photos a whole lot easier.

1) Snapseed

This is the first step in my photo editing process. Snapseed is what I use to just overall enhance the quality of my photos. I use the tuning tools to brighten, sharpen, and bring out highlights and shadows. Other aspects of this app I really like are the selective tool (to brighten specific points of a photo like dark corners), white balance (as needed if the photo is too yellow, I find the auto white balance button is pretty accurate), and details (I use "structure" over "sharpen" to make sure my photos are clear). I've used a few different apps to do the fine tuning of photos, including Lightroom, but I always go back to this one. The photos come out looking professional every time! Something I really like about this app too is that it has a "last edits" feature, so if you are editing a few photos taken in the same lighting and setting you can add all of your adjustments with one click. I only use this for photos taken at the same time and spot though, once I start editing new scenes in my photos I go back and do the fine tuning again.


This is the current app I use for my filters (currently on C1, but I also really like HB1 and HB2). After I add the filter to the right intensity I will go in and use the tuning tools in this app to make sure everything is looking it's best. The tools I stick to here are clarity and white balance (to add the pink tone to my photos). Another feature that I really like on this app is the HSL settings, I don't always need to use it but its handy because it gives you the opportunity to saturate or desaturate specific colours in your photos. For example, I took a photo that had a lot of wood in it, but the wood was coming across very orange, which I didn't want. I was able to go into HSL and turn down the intensity of all the orange in the photo and it made it fit a lot better into my theme!

3) A Color Story

This one I have not been using as long as VSCO, but I think it deserves a mention because I really do like the filters and effects available. There are free filters, or you can buy packs (most are around $1.50). I am not using it currently because the filter I have going for my theme is through VSCO right now, but when it's time to switch it up I think I will be giving this more of a try.

4) Planoly

My lord and saviour when it comes to my instagram! I upload all of my potential instagram photos to Planoly once they are edited and essential ready to go. Planoly lets me see what my grid looks like (and will look like before I post photos) and I can arrange and rearrange as needed to make sure I'm not posting too many of the same thing in a row. You can also rewrite your captions (which I do sometimes), schedule your posts, and (my favourite) save your hashtags. I have my hashtags organized into categories for posts that are wall hangings, or plant hangers, or mandalas, etc. That way, when done writing my caption I just hit what hashtag category I want to use and it pops up! No more writing out (and thinking of) 30 hashtags every time. I do change up some for certain posts, but having the bulk of them ready, and the ones I use consistently there and ready is a huge bonus for me. Planoly is free for 30 uploads a month, but since I like to upload all my edited pictures that I may (or may not) use in my instagram there to see and choose from I pay for the premium fee.

4) Whistle Cam

Another life changer. No more walking back and forth to set the timer when I need to take photos of myself, just whistle and it takes the photo! Either instantly or within 3 seconds, you choose, although I would suggest using the three seconds if you face is in the shot so you don't have duck face all the time haha. The only downside is you have to take the photo in the app so if you have an iPhone you can't use the portrait mode or other camera modes. Also, if you can't whistle you're out of luck... sorry.

5) Unfold

If you've every wondered how people make those super clean and pleasant looking story posts this is the app! It's easy to use and pretty self explanatory so I'm not going to spend too much time talking about this one. I don't use it for all of my stories but for promotional posts or just other things that I want to look nice and edited this is what I use.

6) ReCrop

This is a really cool app and I love that I found it! It is probably not one you are going to need on a regular basis, but when you do need it it can be a life saver. Basically what ReCrop does is expands the background of your photo... that probably doesn't make much sense so I will just show you a photo of what it does because I know for a fact I will not do a good job at explaining it.

Here is the before photo.

The object extends pretty much to the edge of the photo and there is not much blank space.


I can go into ReCrop and....

create more background that didn't exist before!

Basically you just drag what part of the photo you want to expand and the smart technology builds it!

Honestly, you might not use this app.. I've only used it a few times but I'm just amazed at how cool it is!

I will say it does work best with plain backgrounds though

And that's everything!

Hopefully you discovered some new apps or tricks in this post to help you with your photo editing and Instagram planning. If there is an amazing app I missed feel free to reach out and let me know what your favourites are!

Thanks for reading, until next time!

xo, Liv

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